Last year, I attended a fascinating AMA event featuring a tech founder whose product is a staple in our lives. I asked him what the next big movement in technology is going to be and he said:

“The next big wave since the advent of the internet will be Artificial Intelligence. AI will change everything. It will be in all of our devices and it will affect every aspect of our lives”.

Many articles about artificial intelligence in the field of medicine reflect this statement. Radiology Today talked about how AI is making a big impact and will soon revolutionize…

This is a quick outline explaining the most basic parts of Redux to prepare you to learn how to use it, assuming that you already understand React.

REDUX is a state management library that is often used with React to handle the state of your application.

  • React developers use Redux to handle a lot of state changes. All of your state changes can be handled in one place — the “Redux Store”. It is also called a “Single Source of Truth”. In Redux, state is handled globally, and allows you to change state from anywhere in the application, instead of creating new objects every time state is changed.
  • The larger the application, the more Redux may become necessary. A…

In our 4th project for Flatiron School, we were asked to create an app utilizing JavaScript for the front end, and Ruby on Rails for the back end API. An API is a software-to-software interface — Two applications talking to each other. It’s what happens behind the scenes when you are using an application.

I wanted to do something fun so I came up with an idea to put together an app that would not only tell you the weather for the day but also tell you what you should wear. …

For my Ruby on Rails Project, I created an app called Travel Planner where users can plan trips and make lists of destinations that they would like to visit. They can also write notes about their destinations. I used the Models-Views-Controller pattern to organize the code, created different models to separate concerns, and included their associations. I also implemented Devise Authentication and use Github OmniAuth as an additional login.

So far the toughest thing to learn about developing a Rails application is nested routes. “Rails magic” means that the user is routed to different pages after they click on something…

Margaret Gamao

Software developer with a tech stack in Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Redux. Will code for coffee.

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